'Don't look so worried.
I'm just going to exercise my freedom of speech.'


Blogger witchy-woo:

Totally bloody brilliant!


Blogger spotted elephant:

Second witchy-woo.


Blogger v:

inspired :D

these would make great postcards btw.


Anonymous delphyne:

This is my favourite.

Then again, they're all my favourites.


Anonymous Sam:

I would be all over a set of these pics as postcards.


Blogger Killer B:

Yes! Postcards. This is such good stuff. This one is so sticky...the idea of free speech. Oh dear...


Anonymous polly styrene:

Have 'borrowed' this one for an anti rapist Tarantino placard if that's Ok with you Phemi. You can have my rapist no 1 doll when I've finished with him in return if you like.....


Anonymous Lara:

Ohh, I see our free-speech-defender has a taste for exercising her right the old-school way: with film camera. What an artistic and original way to film torture! I mean, err, sex!


Anonymous Mary Tracy9:

This one is rilly, rilly my favouritest.

It shows the real problems with "free speech" so well. EXCELLENT!



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