'Granted, post-modernism is somewhat difficult
to explain, but all you need to remember is that
you are a man of agency and you can choose
how to feel about being clubbed over the head'.


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

If that were the case, then I feel liberated, empowered and sexy. However, tell me do these choices cause migraines?


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

A few men get migranes, but that's just because they not unionised.


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Oh, I see! The pimps - sorry I mean union representatives, who club us over the head, also issue us with 60 milligram’s of Codeine Phosphate. Now I understand how free choice really works. I would like to be clubbed over the head please, because it is MY choice. Viva la choices! And Codeine of course!


Blogger Edith:

Well that's it. Sign me up for some postmodernism right now, if I get to club men on the head and tell them they can choose to like it.


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Edith, you are a very generous person. Without conscientious citizens such as us, men would not be able to express themselves and be free from the tyranny of whole-crainium-ness.

Besides, the Codeine Phosphate industry would suffer greatly if we didn't oblige.


Anonymous Army of Me:

Yes no better way to keep the womanaurus's in their place than to blind them to their own oppression, and to convince them that the activities associated as such are actually fun and liberating - manifested by dino-shoe obsession, regular visits to dino-claw/hoof/nail salon, tanning, and shopping for lots of useless dino-accessories - dinos are very big and so have correspondingly huge emotional holes that need filling with this running around in circles type activity - they love it really - they would start thinking too much about the bigger patriarchiausarishops pic, which would soon become all too depressingly clear, if not engaged in such bonding yet divisive dino-behaviour. (Helped along with lots of medicatimus varietus dispensed by the hommephallectus maledominatii doctoreii.)

Related - See also poleaphallic danceratops on the tan lines topic.



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