'Mate, this must be some sort of misunderstanding.
I mean, isn't this "lift & separate" thingymajiggy
better suited to those dangly bits between your legs?'


Blogger Five Things that Make Me Mad:

Fabulous! Especially of the dino-porn pic (t-rex giving head.)

Meanwhile, please tell me what you hate at my blog.


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

OK, I hate:

1. People mistaking me for T-Rex
2. Folks promoting their blogs on mine
3. Being sucked up to
4. Getting told what to do
5. Running out of witty stuff to say


Blogger Edith:


I don't see any danger of number five happening, like, ever. Uh. But no pressure.


Anonymous Lara:

phemi I keep going back to this blog because it is truly brilliant and it makes me laugh so damned hard all at the same time. It makes so much sense!
And I am sorry but thingamajiggies for their dangly bits would probably start to smell...horrible...
Blech, I don't even want to think about it...
When all else fails you can use the thingamajiggy as a hat. I do, and I walk around telling people I am a Victoria's Secretions model. It's very empowerfulmentalizing.


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Fear not boys! Scroti-fresh ® is finally here...

Scroti-fresh ® is a range of intimate and discreet hygiene products, designed especially for man-crevice smeg & pong.



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