'Sir, we have your test results back. The diagnosis is, as we suspected, Chauvanitis Pigisoma and the prognosis... well, ahem, why don't you take a seat first.'


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Noooo Please don’t tell me that’s the same as misogynisoma phallus oedema, where my little willy develops a huge growth and then well…explodes?


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Sir, you are right as far as the initial stages, but as the disease progresses you'll experience more severe symptoms. We need to put you on a course of femicillium radicosum immediately.


Blogger nectarine:

Damn, you are awesome!


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Oh Nooo not femicillium radicosum! you see... i know the side effects are that, i will have to shave off my testicle hair (correction- all body hair) be circumsised, and have Tesco carrier bags inserted in my hairless chest. Please there must be some way we can stop this dis-ease?


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

There is a way, but oh, it's so gruesome. Basically, you'd need to treat women as equals in order to cure your Chauvanitis Pigisomia. What was that? You'd rather die? Yes, a lot of men feel that way.


Blogger sparkleMatrix:



Blogger spotted elephant:

I love you Phemi.


Blogger Edith:

Unfortunately, this little-known disease affects 1 in 2 members of the world population. I am glad you have opened up a dialogue about it, and provided us with a proven remedy!


Blogger modestyrocks:

Phemi you deserve the nobel prize for science. This is ground-breaking stuff. I love it.


Anonymous Lara:

The poor bugger died? Ah, well, one down, about 5 billion to go....



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