'Well, it's your own stupid fault if it hurts.
I told you to keep still.
Why can't you just relax and enjoy it?'


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Is Phemi getting angry? Isn't this what men r e a l l y want? I get confused with all of this pornophantazi for women.



Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Phemi also confused. Why are men passing up on all the opportunities to have done to them what they do to women? Cuz, like, men say women love it, so why aren't men queueing up? Phemi doesn't get it.


Blogger Laura:

Your wisdom knows no bounds Phemi :)


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Mmmm I think it's to do with the 1st Ammendment, you know the free lies for men thingy. Buy two and get one free. Just as well we have our very own 1st Sparkle*mendement now innit?

This is my second attempt to post, i think we've bin rumbled.


Blogger Killer B:

This one is chilling in an appropriate way. Great job, though as always, a terribly unfortunate topic.



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