'Huh? Where? What privilege?'


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

*gasp, splutter, choke* I can't breathe you are standing on me!


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

How exactly am I privileged? You still haven't provided one single shread of evidence. Besides, I'm the one being oppressed because sometimes I get things stuck between my toes.


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

*gasp-splutter* If you stopped wearing those spiky kitten heels… you know with the thong between the toes? It's like - not the thong but me!


Blogger Biting Beaver:

Gods I love coming here! Excellent work and I simply HAVE to remember to put a link in my sidebar. This one is frigging hilarious :)


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Thank you for taking an interest in our work. Here at They Thought We Were Extinct we aim to meet the needs of all our customers.

Yours sincerely,

P. Terribilis

(Customer relations executive)


Anonymous R.Edwards:

More, more! We must have more Phemisaurus!



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