'This demonstration will teach you everything you
need to know about objectivity in the mass media.
Basically, I club you over the head. Then, when I'm

finished, you can club me over the head an equal
number of times.'


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Your club is bigger than mine is AND I cannot reach!


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

You obviously have a problem with fair play, and what's more, you're a dino-hater.


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

No I an NOT! I am a pro-dino-sex


Anonymous Army of Me:

This dino is obviously a direct ancestor of the species melonaurus farmabollox - this unique form of sub-life believes that the only fairness in media or life is THEIR way, their way is pro-free speech but everyone else gets trampled on.

This jurassic-aged species still has the violent and psychotic tendencies of being pro-murder and sexually violent behaviour (they tend to try to crush other species who are "biased" because they are against necrophilia, rape and child abuse, calling them nutters).

These characteristics, even though very primitive and unevolved, seem to be catching on and dragging other species into the pond-life along with themselves, in other words, devolution. The main species involved here is called Feminaraps Againstorus Censoratops
Watch this space.



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