'Don't look at me like that.
I'm a pro-meat vegan.'

Concept by Nectarine


Blogger Radceratops Horrendous:

Can we divide him into a series of body parts?
I want three parts please because I am so positive about being a pro-meat vegan.


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

This crunchy* specimen is mine, all mine.

*Recipie to follow.


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Phemi *whiney voice* Please give me some body parts pleeeease even a couple of holes will do. I am so dedicaticated to meat-positivism for vegans and I might have to join ranks with those nasty hairy-legged Dinosaurs, you know the Radical meat-negatives


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Meat-negative? Pfft, that's just a cover. What they really want is to ban food altogether.


Blogger Radceratops Horrendous:

Yes, that is true Phemi. Actually I was lying, for I already am a member of the meat-negative tribe, but where do they get the idea that we want to ban meat. I would then have no Bulls or Kangaroos to chase, it would be terrible, I would have to join a convent for spinster Dinodevis and grow carrots and broccoli!


Anonymous Anonymous:

Phemi you are brilliant!


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Radceratops, sorry to break confidentiality, but part of the deal of you ‘going public’ was to keep up with your dinotherapy sessions. I have just checked my diary and you have missed two sessions. How many times do we have to reiterate…*hairy-legged meat negative* Dinos do NOT exist?



Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Hairy limbs apart, how can anyone not get confused? What with antis, pros, negatives, positives, meat, veggies, food, vegans and dinos; and all possible combinations of the above - not forgetting that nothing means anything and anything can mean anything.

Then one day, you find yourself scoffing honey roast man as part of your healthy, balanced vegan diet. Yum, that man taste gooooood. Why complicate things? Pro-meat veganism it is.


Blogger Radceratops Horrendous:

Yes Phemi meat positive veganism it is. I am busy pickling redundant appendages into snacks and nibbles for Halloween


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Once upon a time there were dinosaurs. There were some men too. Some dinosaurs felt that men had a rough deal - what with being small and insignificant - and wanted to give men some rights.

Veganism was born.

Fast forward >>

And then came post-veganism and pro-meat veganism (some dinos prefer the term food-positive).


Blogger Radceratops Horrendous:

I am still worried about joining a convent for spinster Dinodevis and grow carrots and broccoli. How dare the FACers WAKers* say that I am anti-meat? Are they spying on me…obviously not! As they would witness for themselves my relentless Kangaroo stalking activities

*insert N where appropriate*


Anonymous Sam:

Lemme just say that from my bloggy first glipmse of the masked avenger chomping down on the oppressor I've recognized my soft spot for the man-eating pics. The giving head one is my favorite, but they all tickle me.



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