Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

'K *smile*


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Oops... You meant the little one.

Yes 'smile' dammit!

Am I been too rough Phemi?


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

No, Radceratops, you're not being too rough. In fact, look, there is a little tear of joy running down its little face. What a good boy! C'mon, smile some more for the dinos.


Blogger Radceratops Horrendous:

Oh! That means he likes it…good! Smile you little man dollop SMILE I tell you. Oh good he is really enjoying it now and that makes me feel very big and powerful. It is good once you have dehumanised them…makes it much more fun!


Anonymous sparklematrix:

Can we make a video of this and put it in the Daily Squirt? I am sure they would love it. Sexual bullies and all of that.



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