'Ewww, that's totally gross!
Look at the disgusting growth on that one!'


Blogger Radzilla:

Gee, someone lend that guy a razor!



Blogger Radzilla:

Or some headremoval cream.


Anonymous stroppychopsitops:

Why on earth has it got a head??

I much prefer them without that bit. It so often goes wrong and you can't get spare parts for love nor money...


Blogger sparkleMatrix:

Menz do not need heads these days -they are rudimentary like the appendix, they serve no purpose. Either we whip it off or we send him back.


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Eww horrible, absolutely horrible. You cannot get decent evolution anywhere these days it’s an outrage. I agree get rid of it Brrr


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

The specimen in question is demonstrably failing to maintain basic personal hygiene.


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Phemi - is 'man'going to cry?


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Dunno. Let's wait'n see.


Blogger Laurelin:

and his posture is terrible. Give him some high heels, cover up that disgusting growth with some colourful gunk and... my god, does he have to show off everything like that? Guy's just asking for it.


Blogger Laurelin:

My previous comment shows me appreciating the beauty of the male form.

(that's the excuse isn't it? Do I have it right?)


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Oh, yes Laurelin - you have it right.
He's under my Dino-gaze right now!


Anonymous Lara:

And he's being empowermenalized by your gaze! I mean, err, by CHOOSING to be gazed at!



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