'Oh, goody, it's finally here!
Phemi's waited ages for this one.'


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

I suppose we will have to put it in one of those glass cabinets in case it is breathed on. No, I think I will sit and stroke it, lulling it into a state of false security, we all know how the patriarchy likes to be stroked and lulled. Then I will challenge it BOO!


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

I think we can agree, Dr. Horrendous, that whichever chamber we use for the installation of this most perishable of artefacts, the lights will need to be switched off to stop visitors from giving it the evils.


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

Ooo I am liking those cabinets, our artefact and fossil centre is looking very professional these days


Anonymous Anonymous:

Good book to read: When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone. Its from the 70s but presents theories of Matriarchy in Neolithic times.



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