'Yeah. But. What is pain anyway?
I mean, it's so difficult to define.'


Blogger LilliEve:

Oh no, he's not really in pain. Well, maybe a little, but he actually likes pain. Obviously, he WANTS you to do this to him. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.


Blogger rad:

Oh noes - he's forked Phemie - totally forked! Ah well, that's cool...


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

The little morsel claims to be in pain, but, like, does he have any evidence of this 'pain'?


Anonymous Anonymous:

He just needs to let go of the Puritan ethics that keep him from being liberated enough to realize that pain is really pleasure. It's sad to be so repressed!


Anonymous Profork:

If only he had loved his fork more, he might not have


Anonymous rychousmama:

Do you see the tears of joy falling down his face? Or are those tears of pain??? Even better! If you can't be turned on by someone else's pain and humiliation then you're a PRUDE!!

Thankyou for this wonderous blog!


Anonymous statistician:

While the figures show 9 in 10 men do not chose to be forked we must NEVER deny the 10% their forking experiences. While we may have a 90% chance of being right that this man has not chosen to be forked the 10% chance that he has is of utmost importance.
Society should always work and legislate for the 10% of society.
The 90% being non-consensually forked are simply a cog in the lives of the 10%. Ignore them.

Thus we conclude that this man has indeed consented to, and is enjoying, his forking.

(*This Message has been delivered via a satellite for possible-anti-forking-propaganda by Phoxnews)


Blogger speaking up, an atheist woman:

Dear dawg this is cracking me up.



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