'The views expressed by this club are those
of the club alone and do not necessarily
represent those of Phemisaurus.'


Anonymous Lara:

And if he is "offended" by the club that is his fault. It's also his personal hangup if he feels "objectified" (I mean, what IS objectification? feeling like a kleenex box, or a shoe?). You can choose how you feel about clubs. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything!


Blogger Lara:

Phemisaurus, may I add you to my blogroll? Here is my empowerfulmentalizing new blog:




Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

What is this 'blogroll' you speak of? Does it hurt?


Anonymous Lara:

Hurt? Pain? But pain is sexy and fun, Phemisaurus.
Don't you know?


Blogger speaking up, an atheist woman:

Not only is pain fun and sexy, but it is the reason for the existence of man! Without men to eat, the next generation of cute little femisaurus's would not exist!! And that would be just like killing the femisaurus if they don't give up their bodies. If men don't submit to fun and sexy pain, they are murderers and practically genocidal!


Anonymous Radceratops Horrendous:

So, humans find pain fun and sexy? Has something gone wrong Phemi? until you tell me, I'm not coming home from my visit to see Nessie at our favorite loch.


Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis:

Pain is only painful if you choose to be a victim. Liberated men - the yummy kind - choose to feel fun and sexy. Nothing has gone wrong, dear Radceratops; Phemi's belly is full.



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